Andie MacDowell – An Anti-Aging Case Study

For many years the face of L’Oreal, Andie MacDowell looks well below her true age of 48 and what’s more she is on record as saying she definitely doesn’t believe in plastic surgery.

Starting out as a model in her late teens, some critics say she never quite made the leap to a convincing actress – in fact, many describe her acting as ‘wooden’.  Although she may not be among the greatest actress in the world she has been among the most successful and has achieved – if that’s the right word – huge celebrity status.  Lucky – or clever – in her choice of part, she has appeared in some groundbreaking and successful movies: including ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’, ‘Groundhog Day’, and ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’.

As the representative of L’Oreal, Andie MacDowell was the first of many women to tell us that she was “worth it” – a phrase which became one of the most successful, or annoyingly smug, marketing phrases ever – depending on your point of view.

Of course with any celebrity endorsement – the question we all want to know is: does she really use this stuff or is she just in it for the money? After all – offered a million dollars who among us wouldn’t be persuaded to endorse products we may never have used?

And there’s the dilemma. For better or worse – we care which products celebrities use. What works for Andie MacDowell will hopefully work for us too. Representing L’Oreal for as long as she has – MacDowell must have been given every single product within the range to try out. It may well be part of her contract to do so – and to tell the world about it.

Whatever her reasons – she is on record as extolling the virtues of a number of products from the L’Oreal Revitalift line which she uses as part of her everyday skincare routine.

MacDowell is also a big fan of a high-end French skincare company called Caudalie (koh-da-lee) whose anti-aging skincare line is based on the antioxidant properties of grapes. She particularly likes the Anti-Aging Serum for Eyes and Lipsand the Vinosource Nourishing Cream for day and night use.

MacDowell remains confident that older actresses have a future in Hollywood – despite some of the attitudes to aging that increasingly infuriate her.

I decided to go backward this year because people put way too much emphasis on age. I know some 30-year-olds that are older than me…you’re pre-programmed to believe that a man can have wrinkles and he’s sexy and a woman has wrinkles and she’s old….I do this nonstop. I have to defend myself and all women that are 48, and say: Yes, we’re still beautiful.”

Nonetheless, with her self-belief and optimism high, she has decided to take time off from film making for a little while and plans to return sometime down the road when she’s ready. Currently, Andie MacDowell lives among the beautiful mountains and forests of North Carolina, and it may be that this stress-free environment is at the heart of her continuing youthful appearance.

Not all of us can follow Andie MacDowell’s lead and simply stop working for a while. But we can all benefit from more exercise and time spent in the great outdoors to reduce stress levels. A combination of less stress and a consistent anti-aging skincare regime can work wonders for most of us.

Although a natural beauty, Andie MacDowell’s slim figure is not just down to genetics. She has had three children and is a self-admitted exercise freak. Luckily, in North Carolina there’s plenty of space for her to do the horse and bike riding that she loves.  She’s also committed to yoga and gets her cardio exercise from running, weight lifting and frequent visits to the gym.

Something we could all copy – a great exercise routine that combines cardio exercise and core strength training with lots of variety to prevent workout boredom.  Of course there is the time issue – if you can afford not to work it’s much easier to make daily exercise part of your routine. But the key thing is probably enjoyment. However busy you are – if you find an activity or a combination of activities that you love doing – you’ll stick to them.

So take a leaf – or several leaves – out of Andie MacDowell’s book. Work out an anti-aging routine that suits you – make it part of your life and keep to it.